YES-PPL smallFrequently asked questions about
how you can help Support and Sustain the Pomona Public Library.

What can I do to support and sustain the Pomona Public Library?

  • Let your City Council Member and the Mayor know that you support the Pomona Public Library.
  • Attend City Council meetings when library issues are on the agenda.
  • Visit and use our wonderful library and encourage everyone you know to use it! The more our library is used the more attention it will get from our elected officials.
  • Contribute to the Friends of the Pomona Library and the Pomona Public Library Foundation.
  • Volunteer to help the Library or the Friends of the Library.

I heard the Pomona Public library is closing.  Is this true?
No, the library is open at reduced hours and services. In June 2012 the City Council approved a budget that eliminated all funding for the library. This was caused by a serious financial crisis. After a public outcry the City Council restored enough funding to keep the library open 20 hours a week with a greatly reduced and part time staff. The revised budget had no money for new books and other materials. The proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning in June 2013 will allow the library to be open 29 hours a week and has some small amount for new acquisitions. Our Library remains one crisis away from being closed. Without new, dedicated, funding, there is little prospect it returning to full service and staffing. Cities do not legally have to have a public library, but a public library is a democratic cornerstone to any vital community.

Where can I get updates?
Library operating hours and service information are available at the Pomona Public Library’s website. This SOPPL website will provide updates on outreach programs and political activity regarding the library. Also check out the websites of the Friends of Pomona Public Library and the Pomona Public Library Foundation for updates on their activities.

What can I do to help?
See our How To Help page for various ways you can help support our Pomona Public Library.

I have an idea that may help. Where can I send it?
Please send us your ideas at info@soppl.org. We’d love to hear from you.