Support the PPL Foundation

“The mission of the Pomona Public Library Foundation is to promote private donation to enhance and enrich the Pomona Public Library’s  resources and services. The FoFoundation Logoundation believes a strong public library is the base upon which the community builds its future.” While SOPPL / Advocacy continues to consider how best to find sustainable funding for our library, we ask that you consider a generous donation to the Pomona Public Library Foundation.

Pomona Public Library – YES

Vote YES on PPL, Tuesday, Nov. 4

Vote YES for a minimum of 38 hours of library service per week

Vote YES for more homework help

Vote YES for literacy training

Vote YES for increased internet services

Vote YES for the heart and soul of our community

Endorsed by The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, The local League of Women Voters, and hundreds of Pomona citizens like you.

Vote YES on PPL
Pomona Public Library

Measure PPL will result in a more fiscally sound library for everyone

As a business lecturer, MBA holder, homeowner and long-time manager, I’m ordinarily against adding taxes to an already over-burdened, taxpaying public. But we need to make an exception and support Measure PPL on the November ballot. PPL will help fund the Pomona Public Library and invest in our most important asset: our future. We must do all we can to support our youth and the Pomona Library has done that by providing a central place to research through books, computers and the many artifacts of this historic institution. Measure PPL will result in a more fiscally sound library for everyone – from preschoolers to seniors – and help increase our property values.

A property parcel tax of $42 a year is a minute but wise investment in our future. Please join me in voting YES on Measure PPL.

Denton Mosier