Yes, PPL is the letter designation the county assigned to our proposition. Sure, we asked for it but that’s what they assigned. So on November 4, be sure to vote yes on P(omona) P(ublic) L(ibrary).

Now that the campaign for our Library is moving to the next phase you will see and hear a lot more about our library and measure PPL. Here’s what you will read in your voter pamphlet when it comes out.

Please Vote YES on Measure PPL to provide ongoing funding for our beloved Pomona Public Library. Currently, the library is only open 29 hours per week with a part-time staff and cannot effectively serve our community. A YES vote for PPL will return the library to full service at 38 hours per week, minimum. It will include updating technology, increasing the number of books, adding more homework help and maintaining internet access.

Our Pomona Public Library is more than an information and education resource; it serves as a community center, discussion forum, and provides programs to all residents — from preschoolers to seniors. Our library can again support community educational needs including: early childhood literacy, homework assistance, adults pursuing educational and career goals, ESL, and teachers accessing professional materials for lesson planning. Our Special History Collections can again be used by scholars across the region and world. Free computer Internet access for education and research will be central to its mission.

Voting YES on Measure PPL guarantees that our library will be open more hours. Funds are restricted for library services only, are subject to citizen oversight, and will only be collected for 10 years. Since 1887, the Pomona Public Library has been at the heart of our community. Measure PPL will breathe new life into this essential resource and help us shape the future of Pomona.

We ask for your YES vote on Measure PPL.

Sustainable News – 1.13.2013

Patricia Hernandez: My Pomona Public Library Story

2014_01_newsI was first introduced to the Library after I moved to Pomona in 1990. As a single parent with three children under the age of five, we quickly became fans of the Saturday afternoon story hour and the library’s audio visual department.

As my children grew up, the library became our “go to” place for homework help. With advent of the World Wide Web, we used the library’s computer lab, courtesy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The shelf of college catalogs in the children’s room became a source of inspiration for my children. I credit the Library as part of the village that helped me get all three children into college.

Today the library serves as my personal study place, where I go to read paper copies of magazines.

– Patricia Hernandez

Please tell us your Pomona Public Library story.

 Only 295 Days To Go

With 295 days until the November 4, 2014 election, why is the SOPPL / Advocacy team working so hard? Simply put, there is a lot to do.

In 2012 Measure X which would have provided sustainable funding for our library garnered 61% of the vote.  Pretty good, but not good enough. To be enacted Measure X needed 67% of the vote. In 2012 we had only a few months for voter education, fund raising, and active campaigning. We learned a lot.

One thing we learned is that a few months is not enough time to do everything that a successful campaign with a 67% target must do. We didn’t get our message to enough people, we didn’t get everyone who supports the Pomona Public Library to the polls and, frankly, we didn’t raise enough money to do everything we would have liked to do.

So we have already begun our efforts for the November 2014 election. We now have a Facebook page  and a Twitter account as well a growing list of supporters. We try to be part of every community event we can. We tell the library’s story from our 2nd Saturday Art Walk table in Thomas Plaza to community watch meetings. We would be happy to speak or have a table at your group’s event.

There is a lot to do and you are part of it. If you would like to help, please contact SOPPL / Advocacy via our website or by email.

– Duane Smith

Download this newsletter (PDF)

A Saturday To Remember

Thanks to all who helped make our November 16th fundraiser such a success! We sold more than 60 tickets, and appreciate all of you who showed up in support of SOPPL/ Advocacy’s quest to obtain sustained funding for Pomona’s remarkable library.

It truly was an exhilarating day for those who attended the Foundation’s David Ono Heart Mountain presentation in the morning, and then came Wine Tasting with us in late afternoon. The conversation definitely lived up to our expectations, and the wine was pretty good too!

The Heart Mountain documentary is one of the best on any topic I have seen, and Mr. Ono did a great job of providing local context. Guest panelists included Patti Hirahawa, whose great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were interned at Heart Mountain and made several thousand photos of the camp; and Mike Hachimonji, who was interned there as a teenager. Mr. Hachimonji was initially processed through the Pomona Assembly Center at the Fairgrounds, and then transported on to Heart Mountain Internment Camp. His experience mirrored that of most Japanese-American Pomonans during WWII.

Also part of this event were readings by PUSD students of letters to Mrs. Lavina Pendley, a popular and compassionate school librarian, from former students both at the Pomona Assembly Center and Heart Mountain Internment Camp. These letters are archived in Pomona Public Library’s Special Collections, amongst a great deal of other primary sources. It was particularly moving to watch the way 70 year old correspondence resonated with today’s teens who were reading it.

I know I’m repeating myself, but what other local library has archived first person accounts of people who lived through one of our most turbulent, controversial periods in history? How better to make history come alive for students and all citizens?

Together We Read has done a remarkable job this year of incorporating local first-hand accounts, archived in PPL’s Special Collections, into their programs. They furthered SOPPL/ Advocacy’s argument Pomona’s library is a unique treasure, worthy of support.

Thanks again to all who participated and made last Saturday a great and glorious day!

Marian Higgins

Pomona Public Library Genealogy Collection

Richard Piepho, President of the Pomona Valley Genealogy Society, wrote Marian Higgins concerning the Genealogy collection at the Pomona Public Library:

The Genealogy collection is large with up to 6,000 books to do research plus 10,000 journals in the basement which we have been indexing as these are not in the catalog, we also have a number of books in the basement that are not in the catalog because no manpower to enter them into the catalog of which one very special group of “Germans from Russia” [some of these items are not found anywhere else in America because they are copies of material found only in Russia.]


Our collection ranges from basic to the obscure, including organizing data, DNA, writing a journal or book genealogy style, New Mexican to California volumes, Germans to American, Italians to America, Civil War documentation, maps.  so you can see we have something for the beginner as well as the advanced researcher.  This is part of the Pomona Special Collection, which you do not find in County Libraries and most Librarians do not understand, because of its specialization.  There are larger collections at the Los Angeles Public Library downtown LA, and the Southern Calif Gen Soc in the San Fernando area, so you see the value of this collection in the eastern part of LA County.  We add to the collection when there is manpower to do so.


Richard Piepho, PVGS President


P.S. The purpose of PVGS is to purchase material for the collection and the money collected as dues go to make these purchases.  We have a program to purchase Books where someone pays 1/2 the cost and PVGS will cover the rest so we put books into the collection if someone has special interest.  Most of these volumes cost in the range that college books cost. ($50-$150)

The Genealogy collection is one of many valuable collections in the Pomona Public Library.

We Support the Pomona Public Library

Board of Library Trustees
The Library Board of Trustees is an official appointed body of the City Council that oversees the management and operations of the Pomona Public Library. The Library Board may solicit funds for the sole benefit of the Library, subject to the City Council’s approval. For additional information, contact the Librarian at 620-2043 ext. 2036.

Friends of Pomona Public Library
The Friends of the Pomona Public Library is a 501 (c) 3 organization which assists the Library in its efforts to meet the needs and interests of the community. Organized in 1955, the Friends of PPL has been a pillar of support for the Library for 58 years. (Contact info:; email: fo_, phone: 909-802-7756). Friends Goals: • To maintain an active association of persons interested in information free to all ages & ethnicities through written media, audio-visual media and technology media as well as human communication. • To stimulate gifts to provide funds to support the Library which will advance the Library’s safe and welcoming environment as a community center for gathering information and promoting learning. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law. • To focus public attention on library services, programs, and needs.

Pomona Public Library Foundation
Established in 2004, the Pomona Public Library Foundation, is a not-for-profit organization operating under 501(c) (3) of the Federal Tax Code and the laws of the State of California. The mission of the Foundation is to develop private sources of financial support to help meet the Library’s long term, large scale and critical operational needs exceeding available municipal funding. The Foundation accepts tax-deductible donations in the form of cash, stock, real estate, personal property or other assets, and including gifts made through trusts, estates or insurance policies. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of up to 25 community members appointed for one to three year terms. For more information about the Foundation, see our web page at: or contact us at 101 W. Mission Blvd. #110-219 Pomona, CA 91766, Phone: 909 576-4295

Save Our Pomona Public Library / Advocacy
SOPPL / Advocacy’s current mission is to lay the groundwork for placing a tax initiative on the November 2014 ballot. This will include coordinating with other library groups within the city (Foundation, Trustees, and Friends), raising funds, participating in community activities, and developing strategies to best achieve our primary goal of sustainable funding for the Pomona Public Library. It is SOPPL / Advocacy’s view this can only be achieved by passage of a ballot measure. SOPPL / Advocacy is an independent, volunteer, 501 (c) (4) organization that engages in political advocacy for the Pomona Public Library. Visit SOPPL / Advocacy at or call Advocacy Coordinator Marian Higgins at 909 622-7911.

Together We Read
Together We Read is a city-wide celebration of books and reading with events and activities surrounding one book which all citizens are encouraged to read during October through November each year (2013’s book is Farewell to Manzanar). The program is coordinated by the Library but includes a wide array of community partners including: City of Pomona, Pomona Community Services Department, Pomona Cultural Arts Commission, Pomona Unified School District, Western University of Health Sciences, Cal Poly Pomona, Historical Society of the Pomona Valley, Pilgrim Congregational Church, Pomona Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Pomona Owners’ Association (DPOA), First Christian Church, Friends of the Pomona Library, Pomona Public Library Foundation, Friends of the Pomona Fox, Boys and Girls Club of Pomona, Pomona Host Lions, and Claremont Community Senior Services.