It’s a new year for SOPPL / Advocacy

Happy New Year! Hope all of you had a joyful holiday season.

While we suffered a serious setback in the 2014 election, Save Our Pomona Public Library Advocacy Group has decided to continue on with our fight to preserve and strengthen our beloved library, but there will be some changes.

I’m stepping down as Coordinator, and Kathy Adkins will no longer serve as Treasurer. Duane Smith is stepping up as the Coordinator, and Helen Mosier has volunteered to be SOPPL’s new Treasurer. By unanimous consent, SOPPL’s leadership team supports these changes. Kathy and I are pleased to leave these two positions in such capable hands. Kathy and I plan to remain actively involved in SOPPL, but this appears to be a great time to transition to fresh leadership.

Thanks to all who have supported SOPPL in the past, and hope you will continue to do so from this point on. I’m going to let Duane speak to the changes in direction our leadership team envisions for moving forward.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2015!

Marian Higgins