A New Year – A New Focus

I want to thank Marian Higgins and Kathy Adkins for their hard work and dedicated service in seeking sustainable funding for our Pomona Public Library. For over two and a half years they have led us. They kept us focused. They made it fun. I hope I can lead our team by consensus as Marian did.  I am extremely pleased that both Marian and Kathy plan to continue active involvement with SOPPL / Advocacy. I am also pleased that Helen Mosier has agreed to be our new treasure.

So what is next in SOPPL / Advocacy’s quest for appropriate funding for the Pomona Public Library?  At our December team meeting we decided that we would focus on the City’s fiscal year 2015/16 planning to make sure our library got its fair share.

Our next opportunity to show public commitment to improved library funding is this coming Monday evening at 5:30 PM in the City Council Chambers. This meeting will be a budget workshop for the council and we want to make sure the library is high on the list for increased funding. Come to the meeting if you can. There will be occasion for public input and just our presence will make a point.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015.