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“The mission of the Pomona Public Library Foundation is to promote private donation to enhance and enrich the Pomona Public Library’s  resources and services. The FoFoundation Logoundation believes a strong public library is the base upon which the community builds its future.” While SOPPL / Advocacy continues to consider how best to find sustainable funding for our library, we ask that you consider a generous donation to the Pomona Public Library Foundation.

PPL falls short

We lost. Only 48.7% of Pomona voters voted for measure PPL. With all precincts now reporting, PPL received 5,205 yes votes and 5,480 no votes. The final numbers may change a little over the next couple of days but PPL fell far short of the required two thirds of the vote.

The SOPPL / Advocacy team thanks everyone who supported measure PPL and our effort to bring sustainable funding to our beloved Pomona Public Library. We plan to continue to advocate for our Pomona Public Library. The form that advocacy will take will be developed over the next several weeks.

Vote YES on PPL, Tomorrow, Nov. 4

Vote YES on PPL, tomorrow, Nov. 4

PPL will expand our Pomona Public Library’s hours to a minimum of 38 hours per week, increase access to homework help, literacy training, internet service and Pomona’s valuable historical collection. It will ensure professional leadership.

PPL is endorsed by The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, the local League of Women Voters, and hundreds of Pomona citizens like you.

Don’t be misled or discouraged by well-funded outside special interests or disgruntled naysayers. Answer their negativity by voting YES on PPL. In this election, every vote counts. Your vote counts.

If you need help finding your polling place, go to the LA County Poll Locator  and enter your street address. If you need help getting to the polls, email us at

 Pomona Public Library – YES

Pomona Public Library – YES

Vote YES on PPL, Tuesday, Nov. 4

Vote YES for a minimum of 38 hours of library service per week

Vote YES for more homework help

Vote YES for literacy training

Vote YES for increased internet services

Vote YES for the heart and soul of our community

Endorsed by The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, The local League of Women Voters, and hundreds of Pomona citizens like you.

Vote YES on PPL
Pomona Public Library