Yes, PPL is the letter designation the county assigned to our proposition. Sure, we asked for it but that’s what they assigned. So on November 4, be sure to vote yes on P(omona) P(ublic) L(ibrary).

Now that the campaign for our Library is moving to the next phase you will see and hear a lot more about our library and measure PPL. Here’s what you will read in your voter pamphlet when it comes out.

Please Vote YES on Measure PPL to provide ongoing funding for our beloved Pomona Public Library. Currently, the library is only open 29 hours per week with a part-time staff and cannot effectively serve our community. A YES vote for PPL will return the library to full service at 38 hours per week, minimum. It will include updating technology, increasing the number of books, adding more homework help and maintaining internet access.

Our Pomona Public Library is more than an information and education resource; it serves as a community center, discussion forum, and provides programs to all residents — from preschoolers to seniors. Our library can again support community educational needs including: early childhood literacy, homework assistance, adults pursuing educational and career goals, ESL, and teachers accessing professional materials for lesson planning. Our Special History Collections can again be used by scholars across the region and world. Free computer Internet access for education and research will be central to its mission.

Voting YES on Measure PPL guarantees that our library will be open more hours. Funds are restricted for library services only, are subject to citizen oversight, and will only be collected for 10 years. Since 1887, the Pomona Public Library has been at the heart of our community. Measure PPL will breathe new life into this essential resource and help us shape the future of Pomona.

We ask for your YES vote on Measure PPL.