Pomona Public Library Genealogy Collection

Richard Piepho, President of the Pomona Valley Genealogy Society, wrote Marian Higgins concerning the Genealogy collection at the Pomona Public Library:

The Genealogy collection is large with up to 6,000 books to do research plus 10,000 journals in the basement which we have been indexing as these are not in the catalog, we also have a number of books in the basement that are not in the catalog because no manpower to enter them into the catalog of which one very special group of “Germans from Russia” [some of these items are not found anywhere else in America because they are copies of material found only in Russia.]


Our collection ranges from basic to the obscure, including organizing data, DNA, writing a journal or book genealogy style, New Mexican to California volumes, Germans to American, Italians to America, Civil War documentation, maps.  so you can see we have something for the beginner as well as the advanced researcher.  This is part of the Pomona Special Collection, which you do not find in County Libraries and most Librarians do not understand, because of its specialization.  There are larger collections at the Los Angeles Public Library downtown LA, and the Southern Calif Gen Soc in the San Fernando area, so you see the value of this collection in the eastern part of LA County.  We add to the collection when there is manpower to do so.


Richard Piepho, PVGS President


P.S. The purpose of PVGS is to purchase material for the collection and the money collected as dues go to make these purchases.  We have a program to purchase Books where someone pays 1/2 the cost and PVGS will cover the rest so we put books into the collection if someone has special interest.  Most of these volumes cost in the range that college books cost. ($50-$150)

The Genealogy collection is one of many valuable collections in the Pomona Public Library.