Senator announces bill to support local public libraries

Wolk proposes 55 percent voter approval for local library measures

Excerpts from a California State Senator Lois Wolk press release dated 11/30/2012:

“Libraries are a vital resource for our communities. They provide essential services to the state’s education system and to our communities.  But while demand for library services is growing, many libraries are struggling to meet the needs of their users in light of ongoing state and local budget cuts,” Wolk said.  “We’ve seen major reductions in hours and even closings.  Lowering the voter threshold to 55 percent will give more local communities the ability to keep libraries open and serving their needs.”

“In the November elections, two California library parcel tax measures failed despite receiving substantial majorities, with more than 55 percent yes votes from their communities.  The proposed change to 55 percent would still require significant support from local voters,” said Derek Wolfgram, President of the California Library Association. “In order to provide additional opportunities for communities to support the positive actions libraries take to transform the lives of California residents, the California Library Association strongly endorses this legislation.”

More information on bill SCA 7
Read the bill’s text

Please contact your state representatives and urge them to support this bill.

A holiday tradition continues

First was the tree whence it was stored
to be festively decked for both studious and bored
then the garlands and tinsel from deep within storage
up through the lift which they rode with great courage.
The tree was set up and awaited decor
from the help they resorted to bribery for
who punctually came filled with laughter and cheer
save for one who hated this time of the year.
Thus they commenced in the modest endeavor
of creating the best looking Christmas Tree ever.
There were angels and stockings and balls made of glass
that unknowingly shifted the tree’s center mass.
The one with a scowl stepped forth with some beads
no doubt atoning for a year of misdeeds.
They were strung in a manner unknown to a mortal
to be the same pattern that summons a portal.
The circular table became filled with light
as the souls of the dead leapt forth and took flight.
They saw Garey and Burdick and Dorsey and Holt.
Even Company D had joined the revolt!
The man with a scowl stood there seeming undaunted
by a chorus of “I told you that this place is haunted!”
One at a time through the portal they came in –
Rubottom, Tonner, and then Little Damien.
The man with a scowl held two statues up high –
The one named Pierre just let out a sigh.
The one they called Mana started a song
while the dead and the living followed along.
They sang seasonal hymns with a secular root
with an elephant god and the goddess of fruit.
The man was unmoved, his heart made of stone –
he just shut his eyes and wished he was alone.
The tree decorators could not have been prouder
as both spirits and humans sang louder and louder.
At that moment in time there was much joy and cheer
In a world that was filled with sorrow and fear.
The man finally smiled, his first smile of the year
as he moved one bead and made them all disappear.