Testimonial: Nora Garcia

My name is Nora Garcia and I would like to help Save Our Pomona Public Library. I have lived in Pomona since I was three years old and I got my Library card the first day I went to pre-school. You see, even though I was born here and had lived here for all five years of my life I did not know English. At pick-up time my teacher told my mother to take me to the Library. My mother did not know English either, but between her broken English and Lois’s (a Librarian) broken Spanish we were filling out forms in no time.

The more I learned English, the more I went to the Library. My poor mother spent hours in the car, on the children’s room stools while I checked out stacks and stacks of books. In fifth grade I read The Count of Monte Cristo.  By middle school I was reading Jane Austen. I loved reading and the Library helped me love it more. I graduated from college with a BA in English and now I am an English teacher in Pomona.

I credit the Pomona Public Library with helping me to learn English. I credit the Library with opening my heart and mind to literature and setting me on my career path. I remember doing my homework at the computer station when my family could not afford a computer at home. The Library helped me and I think it deserves a chance to help my students and other children in our city like it helped me and my siblings.  Let me know how I can help. My siblings and I would like to speak at a City Council meeting if possible.

Keynote Speeches Video Clips 9.13.2012

For those that couldn’t make it to the Fund-Raising Event at the Pomona Public Library earlier this month or for those in attendance that would like to view clips of the great keynote speeches given by Jose Aponte and David Kipen, we have posted them on YouTube!

More videos available on SOPPL’s YouTube channel.

Library Fundraiser 9.13.2012


More pictures can be found at the Downtown Pomona Owners Association site

Read the Daily Bulletin Article about the event.


Pomona Public Library Re-Opening

The Pomona Public Library re-opened with reduced hours, staff, and services due to reduced funding this morning, September 4th at 10AM.The aforementioned reasons are why Honorable Norma Torres, Council member Cristina Carrizosa, as well as community members that make up the Save Our Pomona Public Library Task Force came together on the steps of the library to show how many people support the cause to find sustainable funding solutions to save and sustain the library.

The Library Foundation, Library Board of Trustees, Friends of the Library, Pomona Chamber of Commerce stand together to acknowledge the need for the community’s financial support to sustain the Pomona Public Library for the Pomona Valley.

Today, the Library re-opened with less, but can be more with your support.

Read more about the Re-Opeing from The Daily Bulletin

A special thanks to Brent Robinson, Ganesha High School alumnus and catering coordinator at Johnny Carino’s Italian Restaurant in West Covina for the delicious chicken penne gorgonzola they provided for the occasion.